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WWE SmackDown Storyboard 20/1/2012: No vengeance in Vegas

SmackDown kicked off from the Sin City with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan in the ring, reflecting on what happened last week when Big Show accidentally ran over AJ Lee in his main event championship match against Bryan. He labeled the act as one of vengeance and frustration over the fact that Big Show's heavyweight title reign was the shortest in WWE history. Bryan showed supreme confidence as he guaranteed a successful title defense against Mark Henry in the night's main event.

Following this segment, the fans got to witness the so-called ‘game changer of the night', a roulette wheel in Theodore Long's office which was to be spun to decide the stipulation for every match in the show. The first one to spin the wheel was Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes, and the wheel gave him a player's choice match (the freedom to choose his opponent). Rhodes tried to take full advantage of the situation by choosing Hornswoggle, but Justin Gabriel came to the rescue of the little man, and the match was then held between Rhodes and Gabriel.


WWE Raw Recap January 16th: Jericho and Foley return to the squared circle

Mick Foley started off the proceedings for the night as he made his way into the ring amidst a thunderous applause from the fans in attendance. Foley recalled his illustrious in-ring career, and expressed his desire to give his children something to remember by participating one last time in the Royal Rumble match. While this elicited a huge applause from the crowd, it brought out an angry Dolph Ziggler. The #1 Contender for the WWE Championship, as well as his manager Vickie Guerrero ridiculed Foley and the fact that he even considered himself fit enough to be one of the 30 participants of the Rumble who could earn a ticket to the main event at WrestleMania.

Ziggler and Guerrero's taunts brought out the current WWE Champion, and CM Punk wasted no words in appreciating Foley's contribution to the world of wrestling and trashing everything Ziggler stood for, right from his attire to his wrestling style. Punk guaranteed victory at Royal Rumblein spite of having 'a turd-in-the-punchbowl special guest referee', and this brought out the referee in question, John Laurantis. The interim Raw GM assured Punk (yet again) that he would be absolutely impartial in the Ziggler vs. Punk championship match at the Rumble, and vehemently denied Foley's request for a spot at the Royal Rumble match, leaving the Hardcore legend crestfallen in the ring.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 13-1-2012: No DQ, No Count-outs, but still no result

This week's SmackDown opened with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan addressing the fans and expressing his regret at the fact that his title defense against the Big Show had to end in disqualification. Bryan reminded everyone in attendance that the main event of the night (a rematch for the title) would not have disqualifications or count-outs, and also asserted that Mark Henry should be suspended for his actions from last week (which got Big Show disqualified). This brought the World's Strongest man out, and much to the dismay of Bryan, he announced Teddy Long's decision of awarding a World Heavyweight title match to Henry next week, provided that he doesn't interfere in the main event.

The first match of the night saw Justin Gabriel taking on Heath Slater in an encounter between two former team-mates and co-tag team champions. Slater dropped Gabriel with a clothesline and stomped away, but Gabriel fought back with a head-scissors. Slater got a near-fall each with a neck-breaker and a spinebuster. Slater climbed on the top rope but got distracted by the sudden appearance of Hornswoggle, allowing Gabriel to throw him off the top rope and hit the 450 splash for the pin-fall.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 6th Jan 2012: Starting off the year with a Bang

The WWE Universe heralded the New Year with two brilliantly contested championship matches and a lot more outstanding wrestling action. The night started off with Booker-T challenging Cody Rhodes for the coveted Intercontinental Championship. Booker rattled the champion moments into the match with clubby blows to the upper body and took him down with a strong back elbow. Rhodes fought back momentarily, but the veteran challenger once again got the upper hand with a knee to the mid-section followed by a back body drop. Booker dropped Rhodes with a standing spin kick and clotheslined him over the top rope, but Rhodes fought back outside the ring, dropping his opponent throat-first on the guard rail. Rhodes hit a top rope Moonsault but Booker kicked out, but failed to connect with the Book-End. Booker managed to hit the Scissors Kick, but Rhodes powered out and hit the Beautiful Disaster kick for the three-count.

The first person to greet Cody Rhodes after his victory was his elder brother, Goldust. Cody wasted no time in rubbing his victory in his elder brother's face, even claiming to be greater than their father, the Hall of Famer 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 30th December 2011

WWE's last show in 2011 started off with Booker T in the middle of the ring, thanking everyone in the WWE Universe for making his comeback a success. But as he chose to reflect on his victory over Cody Rhodes a week back on SmackDown, the Intercontinental Champion came out and chose the moment to tell Booker how he was 'over' and how his legacy would remain like that of a 'semi-literate buffoon'. The former heavyweight champion was set to make an example out of the champion, when out came none other than Rhodes's elder brother, Goldust.

Goldust tried to convince his brother that his intentions of making a name at the expense of Booker-T were 'wrong', reminding him how Booker had taken him under his wing back when he had almost retired after a not-so-successful career. Cody, however, made it clear that he had as much respect for his brother as he had for Booker, chiding him for 'throwing up all over the Rhodes name'. Booker stopped the ranting and challenged Cody to a final match for the Intercontinental Championship. Cody accepted, and to make his statement he nailed his brother with the Beautiful Disaster kick.


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