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WWE SmackDown Storyline 27th April 2012: Final stop before all go extreme

The night started out with Daniel Bryan in the ring, gloating over his actions from Raw where he was the special guest referee in a non-title match between the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Mark Henry, where a quick count from Bryan resulted in Sheamus losing to Henry. Bryan once again assured the fans that he was going to regain the World Title at Extreme Rules, but was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio, who took the moment to brag about the fact that he had a guaranteed shot at the World Heavyweight Championship post Extreme Rules. All the trash talking, however, was put to a stop by Big Show, who had a scheduled match with Del Rio up next. Big Show announced his arrival with a huge chokeslam on Ricardo Rodriguez.

Big Show got on top of his opponent with a hard chop and a shoulder tackle. Del Rio fought back with a couple of hard shots on the arm and a modified arm-breaker. Del Rio tried to float over for the cross arm-bar but Show caught him with a belly-to-back suplex. The Intercontinental Champion followed up with strong clotheslines and a running butt-splash into a corner followed by a massive spear. As Big Show signaled for the WMD, Cody Rhodes ran in and hit the World's Largest Athlete with a knee-clip, ending the match via disqualification. After the match Del Rio hit Big Show with an enzuigiri, and then he and Rhodes tried to hit their giant opponent with a Kendo Stick and a steel chair, but Big Show fought back, forcing his adversaries to flee up the entrance ramp.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 20th April: Theodore Long humiliated, six-man main event in London

SmackDown aired from London this week as Daniel Bryan started off the night in retrospect, reminding himself and the fans how he lost the thing he had cherished the most, the World Heavyweight Championship, in a matter of 18 seconds at WrestleMania. Bryan called Sheamus a coward, and announced that if he laid a finger on the referee at their World Title match at Extreme Rules, he would be fired immediately. Bryan vowed to regain the coveted championship amidst a lot of 'Yes!' chants from the crowd, but had to stop himself when AJ made her way out to the ring.

AJ seemed pleased with Bryan's new-found confidence and determination, and asked the #1 Contender if he would 'take her back'. Bryan mocked AJ for a while, and then admonished her, calling her the 'worst thing that ever happened to his life'. Bryan left the ring in a huff, and AJ snapped, which was evident in her match against Natalya that followed right after the altercation. Natalya tried to console AJ, but AJ's frustration got the better of her as she kept pounding Natalya in a corner, refusing to break off even after the referee's 5-count, getting herself disqualified.


WWE Raw Review 16th April 2012: Two extreme brawls in one night

The night started off with CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against Mark Henry in a No Holds Barred match-up. Punk started with sharp kicks but got caught and slammed to the mat by Henry. Henry threw Punk outside the ring and followed him out, but Punk got back in and hit a suicide dive through the ropes. Henry whipped Punk on the ring post, but Punk fought back with a leaping clothesline off the ringside barricade. Henry rammed Punk into the barrier for a two count, but Punk kicked out and brought a steel chair into play. Henry refused to go down even after multiple chair shots to the back and took Punk out with kicks to the gut and a hard shot with the same chair. Henry threw Punk in the ring and wedged the chair in a corner, but before he could do further damage Punk fought back and took out his knee. Punk blocked the World's Strongest Slam and hit Henry with high knees in the corner. Henry countered a bulldog and charged at the champion, but Punk moved and Henry crashed into the wedged chair. The champion finished off his challenger by climbing up the top rope with the chair and hitting a huge steel chair elbow drop, which was good enough for the three-count.

After the match, Chris Jericho appeared on the TitanTron and amidst a lot of taunting and accusing Punk of being a secret alcoholic, announced that he would be challenging Punk for the WWE Championship in a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 10th April 2012: Blast from the past

A host of WWE Hall of Famers were present in the arena for a special ‘old school’ edition of SmackDown, and vintage Hall of Fame ring announcer ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund started off the night by welcoming to the ring the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus issued a public apology to referee Chad Patton for kicking him in the head last week, but John Lauranitis cut him off. The new General Manager made him apologize once again and put the champion on probation, with the warning that if Sheamus touches another referee he would be fired and slapped a fine of $500000. And as a final punishment, Lauranitis set the main event of the night as Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan against the team of Sheamus and Gene Okerlund.

Before facing CM Punk in a No Holds Barred match for the WWE Championship on Raw next week, Mark Henry faced Randy Orton in a singles match on SmackDown. Orton tried to take Henry down with a series of punches, but Henry fought back with headbutts and a clothesline in a corner. Henry got a two-count off an powerslam and a body splash. Orton rolled away from another splash and bounced off the ropes for a clothsline. Orton took Henry off his vertical base with kicks to the knee and a DDT. Henry shoved Orton outside the ring, but ran into the ringpost as Orton stepped out of a tackle. Before Orton could capitalize, Kane appeared on the TitanTron with ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, Randy’s father, which made Orton run backstage, ending the match via count-out. Orton found his father sprawled on the floor, and was blindsided by Kane with a lead pipe. Kane taunted Orton, calling him a ‘sucker for family reunions’ before smirking away.


WWE Raw Recap 11th April 2012: Cena, Lesnar set to go extreme

John Lauranitis and David Otunga started off the show by introducing the 'new face of the WWE' in Brock Lesnar. Lesnar thanked the boss for bringing 'legitimacy' back, but before he could utter another word, John Cena showed up, seeking retribution for Lesnar's surprise F-5 from last week. Cena smacked Lesnar in the face, and Lesnar tackled Cena. After that the two started punching away at each other, and it took every superstar and support staff in the locker room to separate the two, but not before Lesnar had landed a hard punch on Cena which made him bleed from his mouth. After the match, Cena was visibly furious at Lauranitis, but instead of agreeing to have the night off, asked for a match. Lauranitis responded by setting up Cena vs David Otunga in the main event of the night.

As a fallout from last week, 'Funkasaurus' Brodus Clay teamed up with United States Champion Santino Marella to take on the team of Vickie Guerrero's clients Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Ziggler got a near fall off Marella before tagging Swagger, and Clay tagged himself in at the same moment. Swagger blocked a belly-to-belly suplex and took Clay down with an amateur wrestling headlock-tackle combo. Clay managed to tag Marella who got double-teamed by his opponents. Ziggler was tagged in and got a near-fall with an elbow drop. Marella somehow managed to tag Clay after a couple of near-falls, and this time the Funkasaurus was unstoppable. Clay ran over Ziggler with multiple clotheslines and a headbutt, and finished him off with an overhead suplex and the Funk it splash for the victory.


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