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WWE Raw Recap: June 4, 2012: Cena pulls off double duty; Kane beats Punk

The show started off with a video package showing Big Show's path of destruction, and was immediately followed by a Michael Cole interview with John Cena in the ring. Cole accused Cena of being an egomaniac who was only interested in making jokes without a care for anyone else, especially the Big Show. Cena retaliated with a My Little Pony joke and called John Lauranitis a power-hungry bully. The two then had a war of words with Cena alleging that Show took the easy way out whereas Cole maintained that Show made the obvious choice and Cena was the only one to blame for the giant's path of destruction. Suddenly John Lauranitis came out and decided to remind everyone that he was a fair man by allowing Cena to choose his own opponent for the night. Cena wanted to face Big Show, but he had been given the day off. Cena then named John Lauranitis but he said he had retired from in-ring action. Finally Cena had to settle for Michael Cole, who was visibly frustrated.

The first match of the night was a rematch from SmackDown as World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus faced Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Sheamus dominated the match early on until he charged on Ziggler, who pulled down the top rope causing Sheamus to fall on the floor. Sheamus yanked Ziggler out to the floor but got distracted by Vickie Guerrero, allowing Ziggler to gain the upper hand with a dropkick. Ziggler continued to wear down the champion, targeting the left arm and shoulder. Sheamus came back with a Polish hammer and a powerslam, but Ziggler turned the tables once again with a Fame-Asser. Ziggler went up top but Sheamus cut him off and the two traded punches until Ziggler got a near-fall off a second rope Fame-Asser. Sheamus fought back and blocked a sleeper hold and nailed the White Noise and followed up with the Brogue Kick for the victory.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 2nd June 2012: Sheamus stands tall, as does Kane

David Otunga started off the show with his patented rant, demanding that the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus show himself immediately and apologize to General Manager John Lauranitis for running him over a couple of weeks ago on Raw. Sheamus came out and decided to take an apology into consideration only when Lauranitis would ask for it in person. Sheamus mocked Otunga, reminding him of the Brogue Kick he had received on Raw. Suddenly, the #1 Contender for the world title, Alberto Del Rio came out to the ring and decided to suck up to the GM's legal counsel, promising to take Sheamus' title at No Way Out in the process. The Celtic Warrior laughed his opponent away, reminding Del Rio how he had been knocked out by the champ just after becoming #1 Contender last week on SmackDown. Otunga decided to teach the champ a lesson by allowing Del Rio to pick his opponent for the night, something the challenger would disclose later.

Sin Cara made his much-awaited return to SmackDown in a singles match against Heath Slater. Slater clubbed Cara down and locked in a hammerlock. Sin Cara countered with an arm-drag and threw Slater out, following up with a top rope plancha. Cara threw Slater back in the ring, but he got booted down and Slater focused on the surgically repaired patella. Cara fought out of a chin lock with a back suplex and capitalized with a springboard back elbow and a modified headlock takedown. Slater back-dropped Cara to the apron, but he fought back with a kick to the head. Sin Cara hit a top rope cross body and followed it with a modified La Mistica for the victory.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard 25th May: New #1 Contender for No Way Out

Executive administrator Eve Torres started off the show in a bid to reinforce John Lauranitis's control over SmackDown. Eve announced that due to international commitments, Lauranitis could be present on the show, and he had entrusted Eve to deal with the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for helping John Cena against him on Raw. Torres demanded that Sheamus apologize and just as she was about to announce his opponent for No Way Out, Alberto Del Rio ran in the ring and after praising Eve for some time, he laid his claim for the title. This brought out Randy Orton and Kane, each of whom staked their claim at Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship. After hearing everyone out, Eve announced that they would face each other in a Triple Threat, with the winner becoming the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The first match of the show saw the new Intercontinental Champion Christian in a non-title match against Hunico (who was accompanied to the ring by Camacho). Hunico got a side headlock applied, but Christian whipped him away and flattened him with a flying forearm. Christian hit a back-body drop and Hunico rolled to the outside, gaining some breathing space by dodging a baseball slide kick. Christian got distracted by Camacho and Hunico threw him shoulder-first on the ring-post and stomped away on him inside the ring before hitting a scoop slam for a near-fall. Hunico went for a Senton but Christian rolled away and hit a flapjack followed by a strong clothesline. Hunico countered a missile dropkick into a jackknife pin, but Christian fought back with an elbow off the second rope. Captain Charisma dropkicked Camacho off the apron and hit the Killswitch on Hunico for the victory.


WWE Over the Limit: Punk, Sheamus retain titles; Big Johnny gets some Big help

While not much changed at the Over the Limit Pay-Per-View, the event did deliver in terms of spectacle as the fans were treated to three hours of wild wrestling action. Here's what transpired during the event:

1. John Lauranitis def. John Cena:

Just as the opening bell rang, Lauranitis tried to run to the crowd, only to be pulled back by Cena, who unloaded on him with hard chops to the chest and the back. Cena then proceeded to humiliate the boss by spinning him over his shoulders and ringing the timekeeper's bell multiple times near his ear. Lauranitis started pleading with his opponent, but Cena took a microphone and announced that he was going to lock in the STF and if Lauranitis tapped, he would be fired. Cena agreed to let go if Lauranitis could last for 10 seconds and after locking the hold twice, brought in several bottles of water and soaked the boss. Cena slammed his opponent on the ringside barrier but then Lauranitis came back by attacking Cena's injured arm, smashing it on the steel steps. Lauranitis tried to capitalize with a steel chair, but Cena grabbed it and used it to take out his opponent's legs. Lauranitis hit Cena with a low blow and tried to escape through the crowd, but was dragged back into the ring by Big Show. Show looked set to demolish the man who fired him, but knocked Cena out with the WMD instead, handing the win to Johnny Ace. The match ended with Big Show carrying a battered Lauranitis out of the ring.


WWE SmackDown Storyboard: May 19, 2012: Sheamus vs. Orton, Lauranitis' last day as GM?

The show started off with General Manager John Lauranitis out in the ring demanding support from the fans so that he could persuade the board of directors to change the stipulation of his match against John Cena at Over the Limit (Lauranitis' career is on the line, and Lord Tensai is banned from ringside). The crowd did not heed the request of the boss, but he did manage to get the attention of the WWE Champion CM Punk, who wasted no words in telling the GM how eagerly a lot of people on the roster were waiting for him to lose his job as he had made life miserable for so many superstars, including Big Show and Theodore Long. A frustrated Lauranitis put Punk against Kane in the main event of the night before leaving the ring amidst a chorus of jeers and boos.

The newest tag team on the roster, Darren Young and Titus O' Neil faced their biggest challenge yet as they faced the WWE tag team champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a non-title match. The champions double-teamed on Young as R-Truth hit a kick to the head and Kingston hit a flying cross-body before getting distracted by Titus, which allowed Young to side-suplex Kingston off the apron. Titus tagged in and capitalized with a body slam and a corner splash. Kingston managed to tag R-Truth at the same time as Titus tagged Young. Truth hit Young with a corkscrew elbow and a DDT. Titus tried to interfere but was knocked out of the apron by the champions, and Kingston hit him with a suicide dive as R-Truth hit Little Jimmy on Young for the victory.


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