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World Cup

10 Forwards to watch at the 2010 FIFA World Cup

messi.jpgFrom Pele to Ronaldo, Muller to Klose, Maradona to Messi, the World Cup has witnessed some of history's most magnificent goal poachers. Making his mark at the FIFA World Cup is the true test for every professional striker, and one that etches his name forever in history. Performances at the biggest stage is what separates the good from the great and lets hope that a number of strikers achieve greatness in this edition of the FIFA World Cup, in turn, making it a dazzling tournament.

The job of a striker only gets tougher when it comes to the World Cup. Not only is a goal scored remembered & celebrated for long, but also an opportunity spurned is never forgotten. A striker therefore, has to have the concentration and patience of a hunting Lion and the nerves of steel to achieve success in the finals of the most prestigious football tournament. From hero in one moment to zero in the next, strikers can change the fate of their country in the blink of an eye, thus making or breaking history and hence, are probably the most crucial of all 22 men out there on the field.


10 Defenders to watch at the FIFA World Cup 2010

maicon.jpgFranz Beckenbauer, Fabio Cannavaro, Bobby Moore and Cafu, were four world class defenders who broke the bias towards the more illustrious strikers as they led their country to World Cup glory with their stunning and stubborn performances at the back. All four defenders were also captains of their teams emphasizing the role of a strong and confident defender as an inspiring leader.

From making those last ditch tackles, winning the aerial battles, intimidating the opposition with their strength and athleticism, defenders of a team are the foundation stones which make a unit strong and steady. A strong defensive unit gives the rest of the team the confidence to move forward, as they have complete faith on the players guarding the goal at the back. The contributions of defenders may not be obvious in a single game but it becomes evident over the course of a campaign, where the solidity at the back leads to a team's conquest.


10 Midfielders to watch at the 2010 FIFA World Cup

kaka2.jpgA midfielder forms the crucial connecting link between attack and defence. Omnipresent in the centre of the park, his job generally revolves around winning the ball, breaking down opponent play and then driving his team forward. He subconsciously lets those tackles fly in, with little consideration of his physical well being, ever keen on hanging on to the footbal. It is quite obvious then that the midfielder is the engine of the team, running around the pitch creating plays while at the same time stifling opponent attacks, easily the most essential component of his team.

While a defender generally is a strong, sturdy and bull-headed player who pays little heed to style and finesse and whose only job in the game is to ensure the opponent doesn't get an eye into the goal, a striker ought to be swift, nifty and cunning and needs to ensure his team ends up with the higher number of goals. A midfielder is an amalgamation of the two, needing to possess the qualities of both a defender and a striker, as he might have to contain as well as score goals, depending on the situation. Despite the versatile role they play, it is baffling that midfielders are given little credit for the goals scored as well as that hard earned clean sheet, which is quite astonishing considering that they of all players have played a part at both ends of the pitch.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule

zakumi.jpgFor the first time the footballing giants of the globe accumulate in Africa to take part in this month long sports extravaganza. The number of supporters from Brazil to New Zealand may vary to a large extent, but each and every football fan has the right to know when and against whom their favourite sporting idols will wear those jerseys emanating patriotism and put on those boots, their spades in battle, to fight for glory, for success and most importantly for the joy of a few million standing behind them.

As a supporter one would want to know when their team faces off with their closest rival or even the fixture which assures them a victory comes along so that there is a reason to celebrate to toast with all your mates watching the World Cup together in excitement. For a neutral the knowlegde of the dates and timings of a big clash e.g. Brazil vs. Portugal is crucial and for all those others who are not fortunate enough to be there in South Africa yet are wanting to catch every inch of the FIFA World Cup for some reason or no reason at all, we have the schedule for your benefit.


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