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7 Things You Need to Know About Sports Scholarships at College

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If you are looking to apply for college scholarships for high school juniors, you need to know a few facts. Sports scholarships are awarded by coaches based on the needs of their program. And they follow a process of awarding college athletic scholarships. The guidelines to get recruited are as follows;

Create a list of the Schools

Compile a list of schools you would like to attend. Mind your athletic talent, your academic level and then decide your school preferences. Always select a broad range of schools then shortlist them as you go through the application process.


Gather the Contact Information

Collect the contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses of the coaches of the schools on your list. Then email them the following information:

Your resume – this should be a professional resume detailing the statistics of your past seasons. It should also include the copy of your test scores and school transcripts. Then calculate your GPA score.

A video - enhance your prospects by including a recording where you highlight your skills. Make sure it is a high-quality video then upload it online. Include the link to this video in your resume.

Communicate with the Coaches

If you don't hear from the coach in two weeks, call them and express your interest in the University. Respond to the coaches who reply. Get familiar with their school and sports programs so that you can ask informed questions and elucidate why you are interested in that school. If you can organize a phone call with the coach, then ensure that you have prepared for it ahead of time. Update yourself on the most recent season, prepare for the questions the coach might ask and have a list of your own questions for the coach.

Do not ignore any correspondence from a coach as you never know how the recruitment process unfolds. The school you may not be interested in gives you a full scholarship or ends up being the only option left for you.


Appear at Summer Camps and Showcases

You cannot rely on summer camps and showcase for being “discovered." These exhibitions are good to gain exposure, but this is only if the coaches are there specially to watch you. A majority of the coaches who attend these showcases and camps are already in contact with the players and athletes. If you get noticed and if the coach talks to your parents or you then make sure to follow up and establish contact via phone call or e-mail. If the response is encouraging, then follow-up consistently.

Get to know the NAIA and NCAA rules and regulations

When you apply for the sports scholarships for high school students, know all the rules that apply to you. These rules are based on your year in the school. Understand the logic behind them and find out how the coaches can contact you and vice versa. These may sound similar but are separate things, governed by different rules. Read the NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student-Athlete it contains all the academic requirements to be eligible.

Meet the Academic Requirements to be Eligible

Register with the NAIA and NCAA Eligibility centers to be considered for the college athletic scholarships. Research what courses must you take and the grades you must score to be academically eligible. Next, arrange your academic calendar around these requirements. Get good grades because fit bodies house a fit mind. Develop and establish good study habits. Ensure you are completing all the papers and homework assignments.


You could avail of the assignment help at Edubirdie or similar services. Study for your tests and score well. The coaches not only want a good mind and a fit body but also a good character. The want a person who recognize the responsibility of being a student and an athlete and not neglecting their studies. Get a high GPA and do well on the SAT or ACT this will earn you more financial help through an academic scholarship in addition to the sports one.

Get Committed

Everyone helps the person who is determined to a goal. This will gain you support of not only your family but the teachers and coaches at your present school. This boosts your morale. The recruitment process is a lot of work, and most of it must be done by you, and its success is up to you. Discuss your goals, make sure that you want to compete in college sports. Do not do it for anyone else but yourself. Commit to the goal, understand the process and know the rules. From start to finish you will be the one executing these seven steps and the only one responsible for them. Dedicate yourself to achieve your goals!