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Lewis Hamilton: "I am ready to fight"

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British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton said edging past his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg to claim a fourth world title will not be easy given the 26 points he trails the German with three races to go. The pair go into the Mexican Grand Prix this weekend with Hamilton knowing it is another must-win if he is to keep his title hopes alive, but the British driver has welcomed the task.

"I don't feel like I arrive at a Grand Prix, or any competition racing or not, and want it ever to be easy. I love doing things that are difficult," he was quoted in a report in the Guardian.

"If I go rock climbing I don't go for the easiest wall to climb, I go to the hardest first. Sometimes I make it, sometimes (I) don't. I love the challenge."

Hamilton had the lead in the title race six races ago but a series of victories for Rosberg and two poor starts and a mechanical failure for the 31-year-old has switched the tide to his team-mate, a situation he would have preferred to avoid.

"Would I like to be in a different position right now? Of course," he said. "But that is now where I am. All I know is that I have this challenge ahead of me and I am ready to go. I am ready to fight.

"I approach this race same as I approach every one, maybe slightly more relaxed than others. I've accepted that there are things out of my control, all I can do is control what's in the car and what I do. So I'm putting all my energy towards that."

Hamilton also noted that he would not be taking any additional risks to keep the fight alive but still remains fully committed.

"I'm going for it, that's for sure. While my heart is still beating, I still have that drive to win, and there's still an opportunity, even if it's only 1%, I'm going to be going for it.

"If there's any time for me to be the best I've ever been, it's these last three races."