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Friday, Jan 22nd

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Content Syndication is a sample product of Goals for Souls and showcases the organization's skill and depth in the domain of Content Production.

Content Production is one of the largest growing business segments the world over, fueled by demand for accurate and concise information for publication in various platforms including print, internet, television and mobile communication.

Over the last four years Goals for Souls has catered to the following industries:

  • Sports
  • Education
  • Law
  • Travel
  • Business

While we have skill and experience in developing content in these domains, we are always open to trying out something new. Our scope of work includes everything from providing news stories for publishing on a daily basis as you see on to weekly stories for newsletters, one time assignments for writing content for websites to developing completely original academic content for creation of quizzes for one of the world's largest universities.

Content Development takes two forms:

a) Syndicated Content - This is created for general use and can be used by multiple organizations at the same time. Use of Syndicated Content must be done while giving the provider credit for their work. The copyright for all Syndicated Content stays with Goals for Souls, and you do not have the right to redistribute this content in any means or form.

This is a very cost effective method of improving the quality of content in your newspaper, magazine, e-zine, website, etc. Please note, Syndicated Content usually does not include images, those need to be procured from the copyright holder separately.

b) Exclusive Content - This is created specifically for the use of your organization and is tailor made to your requirements. You will own the Copyright for all content produced exclusively for you, and we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with your organization to ensure that your privacy is maintained in such situations. Content can be text, audio, video, etc.

A warning to the wise - using Syndicated Content usually will not increase your website's traffic significantly in the short run. However, it will give your website's readers a much better reason to stay longer and in the long term will increase their stickyness to your website.

Should you wish to use any content that you see on or would like to request a quote for a particular writing project please write in to Please ensure that you provide as much information as possible in your preliminary mail.