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2011 Champions League Twenty20 Match Schedule

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Each team will play two qualifying matches, and the top team in each Qualifying Pool, along with the next highest ranked team (decided on Points, then Net Run Rate), will go through to the Group stage.

A1 Kolkata Knight Riders (India) B1 Trinidad & Tobago (West Indies)
A2 Somerset (England) B2 Leicestershire (England)
A3 Auckland (NZ) B3 Ruhunu (Sri Lanka)


Mon 19 Sep Trinidad & Tobago
Ruhunu Hyderabad 16:00
Mon 19 Sep Kolkata Knight Riders
Auckland Aces Hyderabad 20:00
Tue 20 Sep Trinidad & Tobago
Leicestershire Hyderabad 16:00
Tue 20 Sep Somerset
Auckland Aces Hyderabad 20:00
Wed 21 Sep Leicestershire
Ruhunu Hyderabad 16:00
Wed 21 Sep Kolkata Knight Riders
Somerset Hyderabad 20:00


Notes to Qualifier

The top team in Pool A will be designated Q1 in the Group Stage.

The top team in Pool B will be designated Q2 in the Group Stage.

The next highest ranked team will be designated Q3 in the Group Stage.

Should Kolkata Knight Riders qualify as the “next highest ranked team”, they will assume the Q1 position in the Group Stage, and the top team in Qualifying Pool A will assume the Q3 position in the Group Stage.


A1 Chennai Super Kings (India) B1 Royal Challengers Bangalore (India)
A2 Cape Cobras (South Africa) B2 Warriors (South Africa)
A3 NSW Blues (Australia) B3 South Australian Redbacks (Australia)
A4 Mumbai Indians (India) B4 Kolkata Knight Riders (India)
A5 Trinidad & Tobago B5 Somerset Sabres (England)


Date TEAM 1
TEAM 2 Venue Time
Fri 23 Sep Royal Challengers Bangalore
Warriors Bangalore 20:00
Sat 24 Sep Cape Cobras
NSW Blues Chennai 16:00
Sat 24 Sep Chennai Super Kings
Mumbai Indians Chennai 20:00
Sun 25 Sep Warriors
South Australian Redbacks Hyderabad 16:00
Sun 25 Sep Kolkata Knight Riders
Somerset Sabres Hyderabad 20:00
Mon 26 Sep Mumbai Indians
Trinidad & Tobago Bangalore 20:00
Tue 27 Sep Kolkata Knight Riders
South Australian Redbacks Hyderabad 20:00
Wed 28 Sep NSW Blues
Trinidad & Tobago Chennai 16:00
Wed 28 Sep Chennai Super Kings
Cape Cobras Chennai 20:00
Thu 29 Sep Kolkata Knight Riders
Royal Challengers Bangalore Bangalore 20:00
Fri 30 Sep Mumbai Indians
Cape Cobras Bangalore 20:00
Sat 1 Oct South Australian Redbacks
Somerset Sabres Bangalore 16:00
Sat 1 Oct Kolkata Knight Riders
Warriors Bangalore 20:00
Sun 2 Oct Mumbai Indians
NSW Blues Chennai 16:00
Sun 2 Oct Chennai Super Kings
Trinidad & Tobago Chennai 20:00
Mon 3 Oct Royal Challengers Bangalore
Somerset Sabres Bangalore 20:00
Tue 4 Oct Cape Cobras
Trinidad & Tobago Chennai 16:00
Tue 4 Oct Chennai Super Kings
NSW Blues Chennai 20:00
Wed 5 Oct Warriors
Somerset Sabres Bangalore 16:00
Wed 5 Oct Royal Challengers Bangalore
South Australian Redbacks Bangalore 20:00

Fri 7 Oct Semi Final 1

1st Group B v 2nd Group A

Bangalore 20:00
Sat 8 Oct

Semi Final 2

1st Group A v 2nd Group B

Chennai 20:00
Sun 9 Oct 2011 CLT20 Final

Winner Semi Final 1 v Winner Semi Final 2

Chennai 20:00

Notes to Group Stage and Semi Finals

If Chennai Super Kings qualifies for the Semi Finals, they will play their Semi Final in Chennai, regardless of finishing position.

If Royal Challengers Bangalore qualifies for the Semi Finals, they will play their Semi Final in Bangalore, regardless of finishing position, unless they are drawn to play Chennai Super Kings, in which case they will play in Semi Final 2 in Chennai (due to CSK being the defending CLT20 Champions).