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Glasgow 2014 stage awesome Handover Ceremony, ready to take the Commonwealth Games a level higher

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Glasgow 2014 has staged an outstanding Handover Ceremony, successfully combining elements of traditional Scottish heritage, the beauty of rural Scottish life and the more modern, urban and dynamic cityscape in Glasgow. The performance was designed by an internationally renowned creative team put together by Unspun, led by Executive Producer Catherine Ugwu and Creative Director Mark Fisher, both known for their multiple prestigious Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The team developed a creative performance that would involve people of all levels of dance and performance experience and showcase the best of Scotland. A modern take on a proud Scottish heritage was highly visible in the form of tartan, kilts, bagpipes and the Loch Ness monster, all of whom made an appearance in the mass choreographed piece. Iconic architecture of Glasgow was the centrepiece to the performance, in the form of a 30m long replica of one of Glasgow's famous buildings, the Clyde Auditorium - known by most as the "Armadillo".

In keeping with Glasgow 2014's personal approach, the two characters central to the cast were not celebrities, but two young Scots whose passion is playing the bagpipes. The cast who they led are from every corner of Scotland, from all backgrounds and from all walks of life - apprentice electricians, full time volunteers, teachers, students and office workers, all of whom will be given the opportunity to become formal Ambassadors for Glasgow 2014.

Glasgow 2014 Chief Executive John Scott said: "This has been the most incredible journey for Glasgow 2014 and the whole process has been based on the people of Scotland and therefore has a very personal touch to it. We went out and sought to involve as many people as possible from a wide variety of backgrounds - from sports volunteers to dance teachers to students - and offered them this amazing opportunity.

"I have great pride in the cast and crew who have all worked so hard over the last few months to put on this stylish performance on a world stage, all of whom personally wanted to invite the whole Commonwealth to Glasgow in four years time."

Robert Winter, the Lord Provost of Glasgow, said: "I am immensely proud to have played a role in bringing the Commonwealth Games to Glasgow. The Flag Handover was a fantastic spectacle and I hope all the people at home who saw it on television enjoyed it as much as I did.

"Now that Delhi 2010 has finished, the focus will very much be on Glasgow 2014. We are already well on our way to making the most of what is a once in a generation opportunity to transform Glasgow socially, economically and environmentally."

First Minister Alex Salmond said: "I am proud to have been here to represent Scotland on this momentous occasion. It is marvellous that the passing of the baton to Glasgow as the next Host City of the Commonwealth Games is being celebrated both in Delhi and at the many events marking the Handover across Scotland.

"Over the past two weeks Scotland's athletes have been fantastic ambassadors for their country in their quest for Commonwealth success and this breathtaking finale is a truly fitting tribute to their efforts and the conclusion of the Games.

"The marvellous performance staged tonight by the cast brought a unique Scottish flair to this very special occasion. Scotland is already excited about hosting the Games in 2014 and the Handover Ceremony showed the world how spectacular this event will be by showcasing our country's spirit and our greatest asset, our people."

Chairman of Commonwealth Games Scotland, Michael Cavanagh, said: "As the final week of the Games in Delhi have gone on, Team Scotland's thoughts have increasingly turned to the handover of the flag and the next Games in Glasgow in 2014.

"Our athletes have watched with interest how the home crowds here in Delhi have spurred the Indian team on to some inspired performances and they know what a huge advantage this will be to them when they are the home team in Glasgow. "We look forward to being the host Commonwealth Games Association for the next Games and welcoming our fellow athletes and officials to Scotland in four years time."

Sara Donaldson, Strategy Director for Unspun, said: "Every Handover Ceremony strives to bring to life its city's unique personality. For Glasgow 2014, our creative approach was very much centred around involving real people and from the outset we wanted to put genuine Scots from every corner of the country at the heart of our piece.

"It has been a real challenge, but today we have managed to do just that. We are all delighted with the performance, and believe that this has shown how personal, stylish and proud Glasgow is as a city."