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FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule - Group Stages

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule
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Group A - South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France (read the preview)

South Africa's game against Mexico will kick start the first ever World Cup in Africa and it'll clearly tell us how far the underdogs Bafana Bafana can go with the support of the home crowd behind them. France vs. Mexico will be another intriguing fixture on the 17th of June. Here is the schedule for Group A.

11/06 - South Africa vs Mexico, Johannesburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
11/06 - Uruguay vs France, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
16/06 - South Africa vs Uruguay, Tshwane/Pretoria - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
17/06 - France vs Mexico, Polokwane - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
22/06 - Mexico vs Uruguay, Rustenburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
22/06 - France vs South Africa, Mangaung/Bloemfontein - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group B - Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece (read the preview)

For everyone who thinks that Argentina have degraded under Diego Maradona, here are the fixtures of La Abiceleste. Make a mental note, one could witness another fantastic display from the Argentines like the one against Serbia and Montenegro in 2006. Euro 2004 winners Greece make a return to the World Cup and one would be curious to know how Otto Rehgael's men perform in 2010. Korea Republic and Nigeria will have their respective continents praying for their success and their fixtures with the aforementioned two are given below.

12/06 - Argentina vs Nigeria, Johannesburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
12/06 - Korea Republic vs Greece, Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
17/06 - Greece vs Nigeria, Mangaung, Bloemfontein - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
17/06 - Argentina vs Korea Republic, Johannesburg - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
22/06 - Nigeria vs Korea Republic, Durban - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
22/06 - Greece vs Argentina, Polokwane - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group C - England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia (read the preview)

Half of the world's love affair with the Barclays Premier League has transformed into its love for England as the Three Lions enter 2010 with renewed hope and larger expectations. England fans will be looking at this schedule and sniggering at the ease of the task ahead. But they will do well to ask European Champions Spain's views on the Americans who kicked them out rather convincingly in the Confederations Cup 2009.

12/06 - England vs USA, Rustenburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
13/06 - Algeria vs Slovenia, Polokwane - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
18/06 - Slovenia vs USA, Johannesburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
18/06 - England vs Algeria, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
23/06 - Slovenia vs England, Port Elizabeth - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
23/06 - USA vs Algeria, Tshwane/Pretoria - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group D - Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana (read the preview)

Arguably one of the toughest groups in the draw and hence a nightmare for a betting man. Germany might look the favourites on paper but Australia, Serbia and Ghana boast of some quality performers along with a team spirit that is hard to match for even the most well oiled units.

13/06 - Germany vs Australia, Durban - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
13/06 - Serbia vs Ghana, Tshwane/Pretoria - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
18/06 - Germany vs Serbia, Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
19/06 - Ghana vs Australia, Rustenburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
23/06 - Ghana vs Germany, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
23/06 - Australia vs Serbia, Nelspruit - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group E - Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon (read the preview)

Another minefield for the Pundits, Group E sees four powerhouses lock horns in the battle for securing a place in the top two. Netherlands may start as the slight favourites but would be pushed to the core by the remaining three for sure. The group opener between Denmark and Netherlands is a must watch with both teams impressing in the qualifiers.

14/06 - Netherlands vs Denmark, Johannesburg - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
14/06 - Japan vs Cameroon, Mangaung/Bloemfontein - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
19/06 - Netherlands vs Japan, Durban - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
19/06 - Cameroon vs Denmark, Tshwane/Pretoria - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
24/06 - Denmark vs Japan, Rustenburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
24/06 - Cameroon vs Netherlands, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group F - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia (read the preview)

A relatively straightforward group with holders Italy and Paraguay expected to overcome their unheralded opponents without breaking into much of a sweat. New Zealand and Slovakia are two nations whose fans are still getting over the frenzy of qualification into the FIFA World Cup but an upset in these group stages is the least one would expect and the chances of that are equal in any group.

14/06 - Italy vs Paraguay, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
15/06 - New Zealand vs Slovakia, Rustenburg - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
20/06 - Slovakia vs Paraguay, Mangaung/Bloemfontein - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
20/06 - Italy vs New Zealand, Nelspruit - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
24/06 - Slovakia vs Italy, Johannesburg - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
24/06 - Paraguay vs New Zealand, Polokwane - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group G - Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal (read the preview)

The ‘Group of Death', as many pundits have termed the aforementioned group. Favourites Brazil, and the enigmatic pairing of Didier Drogba's Ivory Coast and Cristiano Ronaldo's  Portugal would be involved in an all mighty struggle to book their passage into the next rounds with Korea DPR expected to be the cannon fodder for the three heavyweights. Brazil vs. Portugal is easily the most quality filled fixture of the group stages and one would do well to make a mental note of this mega star encounter.

15/06 - Ivory Coast vs Portugal, Port Elizabeth - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
15/06 - Brazil vs Korea DPR, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
20/06 - Brazil vs Ivory Coast, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
21/06 - Portugal vs Korea DPR, Cape Town - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
25/06 - Portugal vs Brazil, Durban - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
25/06 - Korea DPR vs Ivory Coast, Nelspruit - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report

Group H - Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile (read the preview)

The best gift Vicente del Bosque and his Spanish charges could have expected from the draw. A 'walk in the park' could well be a better way to describe Spain's passage into the knock out stage. The second spot is the one that is up for grabs in this group with Switzerland, Honduras and Chile all packing a punch. Chile vs. Switzerland could be a clash to look forward to as the they are both higher ranked than the Honduras.

16/06 - Honduras vs Chile, Nelspruit - 12:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
16/06 - Spain vs Switzerland, Durban - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
21/06 - Chile vs Switzerland, Port Elizabeth - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
21/06 - Spain vs Honduras, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
25/06 - Chile vs Spain, Tshwane/Pretoria - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
25/06 - Switzerland vs Honduras, Bloemfontein - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report

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