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FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule

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FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule
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zakumi.jpgFor the first time the footballing giants of the globe accumulate in Africa to take part in this month long sports extravaganza. The number of supporters from Brazil to New Zealand may vary to a large extent, but each and every football fan has the right to know when and against whom their favourite sporting idols will wear those jerseys emanating patriotism and put on those boots, their spades in battle, to fight for glory, for success and most importantly for the joy of a few million standing behind them.

As a supporter one would want to know when their team faces off with their closest rival or even the fixture which assures them a victory comes along so that there is a reason to celebrate to toast with all your mates watching the World Cup together in excitement. For a neutral the knowlegde of the dates and timings of a big clash e.g. Brazil vs. Portugal is crucial and for all those others who are not fortunate enough to be there in South Africa yet are wanting to catch every inch of the FIFA World Cup for some reason or no reason at all, we have the schedule for your benefit.

Did you miss Argentina's 6-0 thumping of Serbia and Montenegro in 2006? Were you the unfortunate one to catch the opening fixture between Germany and Costa Rica a day later? Well your problems are solved, for we have the whole schedule lined up for you and you can earmark your favourite games and catch them all LIVE!

(Download our date-wise schedule in BST or IST)


(1) 26/06 - Uruguay vs South Korea, Port Elizabeth - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(2) 26/06 - USA vs Ghana, Rustenburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
(3) 27/06 - Argentina vs Mexico, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
(4) 27/06 - Germany vs England, Mangaung/Bloemfontein - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(5) 28/06 - Netherlands vs Slovakia, Durban - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(6) 28/06 - Brazil vs Chile, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
(7) 29/06 - Paraguay vs Japan, Tshwane/Pretoria - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(8) 29/06 - Spain vs Portugal, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report

Quarter Finals

The last 16 clashes are going to be followed by the quarterfinals that would surely signal the business end of the tournament with all eight teams fancying their chances of landing their hands on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A trip to this round for one of the underdogs could mean a place in footballing folklore.

(9) 02/07 - Netherlands vs Brazil, Port Elizabeth - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(10) 02/07 - Uruguay vs Ghana, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
(11) 03/07 - Argentina vs Germany, Cape Town - 03:00 PM (BST) - Match Report
(12) 03/07 - Paraguay vs Spain, Johannesburg - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report


One step closer to the dream, the 4 designated teams enter the semi final stage after a gruelling campaign and thoroughly deserving of a place in the final frontier. This is the stage from where a good performance could lead to immortality and a bad performance social boycott.

(13) 06/07 - Netherlands vs Uruguay, Cape Town - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
(14) 07/07 - Germany vs Spain, Durban - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report


The showpiece match would be played at Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium on Sunday, July 11. The long and hopefully exhilarating tournament would finally reach its culmination as the 2010 FIFA World Cup ends with the most deserving of teams. The match on the 10th is the one nobody wants to really play.

10/07 - Uruguay vs Germany, Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report
11/07 - Netherlands vs Spain, Johannesburg (World Cup Final) - 07:30 PM (BST) - Match Report