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Bhambri & Harrison look ahead to playing with Sampras and Agassi

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World Junior no.1 Yuki Bhambri and America's top ranked junior Ryan Harrison will play in in a doubles match with Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi as part of the third edition of Venetian Macao Tennis Showdown on Sunday the 25th of October.

In a special event featuring three matches on the day, a 45-minute timed singles match between the two juniors will be followed by Sampras and Agassi renewing their famous

rivalry in a one-on-one singles encounter. That contest will be followed by a special dream doubles match where Ryan and Yuki get to team up with either Pete or Andre.

The two youngsters shared their views about playing with their he roes...

Have you met Pete or Andre before? Are you looking forward to playing with Pete and Andre in Macao?
Yuki: It's my first time to meet both players. Growing up I watched them play so I am so excited to be meeting two of the legends of sport.

Ryan: I've never met either of them in person. Pete and I tried to set up a hit about a year and a half ago, but it didn't work out. I agree with Yuki, I grew up watching these guys play, and I am so excited to be out on court with both of them.

How do you manage expectations that have been placed upon you?
Ryan: I've always tried to focus on what you can control. You have to focus on that and not what other people are saying, that is all out of your control. You have to have belief in yourself.

Yuki: You have to believe in yourself and your ability. It has to come from the heart. You've got to put in the work and the practice sessions. Everyone has to deal with it, it's about mental toughness- you have to keep going.

When will you be making your way into the senior ranks?
Yuki: I've played a couple of ATP events and I know Ryan played at the US Open. For me it will take one to two more years to make my mark in the senior ranks.

ryan_harrison_01.jpgRyan: We've both had opportunities already. At the US Open qualifying I had a tough match, but I had a bunch of opportunities. Playing 1 match at that level is very different to consistently playing well at that level. I'd like to break into the senior ranks in the next year.

Do you have a particular preference over playing doubles with Andre or Pete?
Ryan: I have an attacking game and I love to take the net. In this way I have idolized Pete as his game is more similar to mine. But I also have a huge amount of respect for Andre- he is very inspirational and it is a great honour to be on court with him. I don't have a preference; it is a privilege just to be on the same court as them.

Yuki: Just to be on court with them is very inspirational. I hope to learn a lot from them. It doesn't matter which I play with, they are both legends. Sampras versus Agassi was always fun to watch, I got into sport watching them play.

Are you nervous about playing with Pete and Andre?
Yuki: Definitely you would be. They are great players that we have watched all our lives, so nerves will be a factor.

Ryan: Yeah, I'll be nervous as these are great players, but I'll use those nerves to raise my level of play.