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Talking Football with Jamie Yeo

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PoorBest had the privilege this week to chat some football with one of the hosts of Asia's favourite footie talk show 'Nokia Football Crazy', the ultra-versatile Jamie Yeo. "Equally adept at scoring goals with her winning smile as dribbling around a crowded set of questions, Jamie talked about interesting moments on her television shows, what its like to work with the Crazy Gang, her favourite football team and how much hard work really goes into making a fun television show.

Jamie started her tryst with the entertainment industry 13 years ago doing various commercials and modelling assignments, before spending four seasons on the Channel 5 drama series 'Growing Up'. After the series wrapped up, she continued to do sporadic shows in television alongside a regular gig on the hit radio station 98.7FM. After 6 years being the beautiful voice on radio, Yeo returned to f ull-time television with ESPN Star Sports where she hosts a number of shows including three of our favourites: Nokia Football Crazy, Maxis Football Extra and UK Soccer Cities.

Here are some excerpts from her interview...


Q. Football has traditionally been a male dominated “industry'. How did you storm the bastion?
JAMIE: By smiling and charming my way through.

Q. Football has such a strong European base, how did your interest in it develop to this extent?
JAMIE: Football has always been big in Asia. I was a big fan back in those days when Fandi and Abbas took to the pitch in honour of Singapore.

Q. Can you tell us how easy it was for you to make the transition from Radio to Television, especially in the context of being a football presenter?
JAMIE: Because I've done lots of TV, it was actually really smooth as I had really competent producers at ESPN STAR Sports to guide me.

Q. You share a great rapport with your co-hosts on Football Crazy, it's a different kind of show being light hearted and fan oriented. Was it easy for you to fit into the group? What is the special flavour that you bring to it?
JAMIE: Yeah it was pretty easy fitting in because they're all guys. As woman, I must say it's great working with men. They just kinda give in quite a bit. Wink I brought a feminine flavour to the show. Hopefully, boys watching see me as a sisterly figure they can hang with.

Q. Although the show comes on air as fun and games, there must be a lot of preparation and hard work behind the scenes. Could you share what 'Jamie's day at the office' is like?
JAMIE: A show like Football Crazy takes a lot of research, scripting and rehearsing. Sometimes there are outdoor shoots, sometimes there are guests to call up before they come on the show, etc.

Q. You visited a lot of 'Soccer Cities' as a part of your show on ESPN Star. Is there a most memorable moment that you would like to share?
JAMIE: I remember this cross-eyed, disgruntled guide at Anfield who wouldn't stop complaining about how he hasn't been able to get a season ticket for 10 years simply because Liverpool is too widely supported worldwide. I felt he should be proud to be supporting such a well-loved club.

jamie_yeo1.jpgQ. It is well publicized that you are an Arsenal fan. Since when have you been following the club, and who are your past and present favourite players?
JAMIE: I've followed the club for about 10 years now ever since Henry joined it. My past favs: Henry and Bergkamp. Current favs: Fabregas and Arshavin

Q. Have you ever met Thierry Henry? If you did, what's the first thing you'd say to him?
JAMIE: No haven't met him. If I ever do, I'd say, well done, going to Barca and becoming a huge success there. Many people wanted him to fail but instead he became one of their top scorers, even winning the Champions League trophy with them last year!

Q. Any comments on Arsene Wenger's summer transactions this season. With the squad significantly weakened by the departure of Adebayor and Kolo Toure, what do you think are Arsenal's chances of silverware this season? Any predictions of where in the league Arsenal might finish this year?
JAMIE: I don't understand the reason behind some of his transactions but I'm sure he's got plenty of good ones. We don't know the exact financial situation at the Emirates but I do know that he's also been tasked with making sure the club doesn't lose too much money. I don't think we'll win anything next season, although my heart says maybe we would. My head says let's just make it to the top 4.

Q. Which is your all-time favourite football moment?
JAMIE: Zidane's head butting escapades at the World Cup in 06. Wink

Q. What are the other sports you follow? Do you have any sports heroes outside football?
JAMIE: I do love watching Federer play his tennis because he's so graceful and refined.

Q. Do you play any sports yourself, now or in school?
JAMIE: No I don't now unless you count the gym and yoga as sports. I did track and field in school but was never really good at it.


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