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Wrestling Bronze for Babulall

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johnathon_babulall.jpgBorn in February 1991 the diminutive Jonathon Babulall hardly looks a day over 12. However, this young Canadian has a lot of fight in him - he's an amateur wrestler winning the Bronze in the 42-kg category.

Jonathon started training when he was 15-years old and trains for about 2½ hours daily on an average. The mental side of preparation for him is to just think of it as having fun and treat it as a practice bout rather than anything seriously competitive.

He loves the competitiveness of the sport and the opportunities it affords for using his strengths as an advantage. Discovered in Gym class by his school P.E teacher who saw him fooling around with classmates much heavier than him and thought the kid had a lot of spunk in him. Brought into a formal training program in his weight class Jonathon excelled at the local level and cam in 3rd in the Canadian Nationals in his first outing. The following year he defeated all comers and came in 1st place. He has also participated in International events and took the first spot in the Pan American Games.

Coming into a tournament he diets and eats healthy for two weeks to ensure he doesn't exceed his weight class. Jogging and gymming form part of his regular exercise regime. He thinks the venue of the sport is important because the weather and the food could affect his performance.

His coaches, friends and peers have all proved to be motivating forces in this young Canadian's sporting life, he would have loved to have brought his brother along with him on this trip.

After the games it's back to school and more wrestling at school.


TSC: Attire?
John: Urban

TSC: Subject?
John: Math

TSC: Cuisine?
John: Indian

TSC: Other Sports?
John: Hockey