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At the Table with Karina Lefevre & Liam Pitchford

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PoorBest asked England's junior table tennis stars their views on Ping-Pong , how much time they spend training, motivations and's what they had to say:

karina_lefevre.jpgTSC: What do you like best about the sport of your choice?

Karina: It's fast, unpredictable and exciting
Liam: It's exciting and you get to meet lots of new people

TSC: How many hours a day do you spend on training on an average?

Karina: 3 hours a day...
Liam: Me too...about 3 hours a day

TSC: Have you participated in any international events before these games?

Karina: French Open X 2; Spanish Open; Polish Open; European Youth Championships X 2
Liam: French Open, European Youth Champs X2, Polish Open, Slovakian Open

TSC: In what way is your preparation for the games different from regular preparation?

Karina: More training at my club, more point winning and not as physically intensive
Liam: I've been training for a bit longer

liam_pitchford.jpgTSC: What are your expectations from the event?

Karina: Big atmosphere, lots of crowd noise, getting to know and see some other sports
Liam: I hope to get a medal

TSC: Any real life sporting heroes?

Karina: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
Liam: Lance Armstrong and Jan Eve Waldner

Fun Stuff:

TSC: The car/bike you drive/ride? One that you would like to own in the future?

Karina: Sports convertible
Liam: I'd like to drive a Ferrari one day

TSC: Favorite film?

Karina: Harry Potter, Wedding Crashers
Liam: Monty Python and The Holy Grail

TSC: Favorite book?

Karina: Narnia Books
Liam: Steven Gerrard Autobiography

TSC: Favorite cuisine?

Karina: Bacon sandwich, Chicken
Liam: Chinese

TSC: If you were not a sportsperson you would have liked to be?

Karina: Personal shopper / trainer
Liam: A Vet