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Tennis Sensations - Lewis Barnes & Jade Windley

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Lewis Barnes and Jade Windley, two of England's rising young tennis superstars, in an exclusive chat with, share their views on the Youth Games, sporting heroes, favourite movies, computer games and more...

jade_windley.jpgTSC: What do you like best about the sport of your choice?

Jade: Competing, travelling around the world and meeting new people, and winning!
Lewis: It's a creative and individual sport - I can really enjoy myself on a tennis court, especially with big crowds.

TSC: At what age did you begin training for this sport?

Jade: I started at 8 in my first school with sponge balls.
Lewis: I started at age 5!

TSC: Have you participated in any international events before these games?

Jade: Summer cup, European Championships, ITF and WTA circuit tournaments
Lewis: Many times from world cups to European championships, winning a number of titles along the way.

TSC: In what way is your preparation for the games different from regular preparation?

Jade: Huge fitness block and attempted weight gain!
Lewis: A team environment makes it a different experience and it's very hot so need to drink more to avoid dehydration.

lewis_barnes.jpgTSC: Do you follow a strict / specific diet plan?

Jade: Yes - lots of carbs and protein
Lewis: Yes - all healthy and no cake, chocolate or anything with msg

TSC: Is it important where you are playing? Do you think it would affect your performance?

Jade: Yes - climate, food and weather are all important
Lewis: Not really - i'm very adaptable. It would be cool to play a night match.

TSC: What are your expectations from the event?

Jade: To get to the latter stages of the draw and hopefully get a medal
Lewis: Gold medal in singles and doubles

TSC: Who is the driving /motivating force in your sporting life?

Jade: Coach and parents
Lewis: Myself!

TSC: Any real life sporting heroes?

Jade: Andre Agassi
Lewis: Mohammed Ali, Eric the Eel

TSC: What's on your agenda after the games?

Jade: A tour of 6 wta events
Lewis: World Championships in Miami; men's futures tournaments

Fun Stuff:

TSC: The car/bike you drive/ride? One that you would like to own in the future?

Jade: I'd like a Porsche
Lewis: I'd like an Aston Martin convertible Blacked Out

TSC: Favorite Cuisine?

Jade: Roast dinner
Lewis: Spaghetti Bolognese and Shepherds Pie

TSC: Favorite film?

Jade: Run Fatboy Run
Lewis: Hitch, Snatch

TSC: Favorite other sport?

Jade: Football and Rounders
Lewis: Football

TSC: Favorite academic subject?

Jade: History
Lewis: Business

TSC: Favorite book?

Jade: Harry Potter!
Lewis: Richard Branson - Screw It, Let's Do It