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Badminton Stars - Alyssa Lim & Richard Morris

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In an exclusive interview with, two of England's brightest young shuttlers, Alyssa Lim & Richard Morris, share their ambitions for the Commonwealth Youth Games and talk a bit about their favourite things!

alyssa_lim.jpgTSC: What do you like best about playing badminton?

Alyssa: Getting to travel to places you would never normally get to go to - like India!
Richard: The kind of people you get to meet and spend time with everyday.

TSC: Do you see this as a full-time career option?

Alyssa: Yes, but I'm hoping to go to university before I do. I'd like to study English.
Richard: Yes, and I spend two hours a day training.

TSC: Have you participated in any international events before these games?

Alyssa: Yes - I first played for England when I was 12 and get to play about five internationals a year
Richard: Yes, I too play about five international events a year

richard_morris.jpgTSC: What are your expectations from the event?

Alyssa: It would be amazing to win a medal
Richard: I'm here to win a medal

TSC: Who is the driving /motivating force in your sporting life?

Alyssa: Panuga Riou. One word - inspirational
Richard: My double partner, Gary Fox

TSC: Any real life sporting heroes?

Alyssa: Roger Federer
Richard: No, not really

TSC: What's on your agenda after the games?

Alyssa: We're staying on in India for the World Junior Championships
Richard: The World Junior Championships followed by the European Junior Championship


TSC: The car/bike you drive/ride? One that you would like to own in the future?

Alyssa: I don't drive yet!
Richard: Vauxhall Astra Sport; I'd like a Lambourgini lp640

TSC: Favorite film?

Alyssa: How to lose a guy in 10 days
Richard: Coach Carter

TSC: Favorite cuisine?

Alyssa: Pizza!
Richard: Pizza!

TSC: Favorite other sport?

Alyssa: Tennis
Richard: Golf

TSC: Favorite book?

Alyssa: Testament of Youth
Richard: Nuts/zoo

TSC: A language you wish you could speak?

Alyssa: Would love to speak Chinese as my Dad is Chinese. I've had lessons for about 10 years but I still haven't got the hang of it.
Richard: Spanish

TSC: You would never leave home without?

Alyssa: My purse!
Richard: My shoes on Cool

TSC: Favorite computer game?

Alyssa: Don't really play any computer games
Richard: Call of Duty 4

TSC: If you were not a sportsperson you would have liked to be?

Alyssa: A yoga instructor
Richard: An actor